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Corsair fans: SP vs AF against foam-like dust filter.


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I have a Fractal Design Arc Midi R2 case and unfortunately it has a rather airflow restricting dust filter made of a foam-like material covering the top. While the top part can be taken off, and with it the dust filter to improve airflow, it would make the case look rather ugly/silly.


I have bought two Corsair AF140 mm fans that I was going to install at the top of the case to exhaust air, but since the fans would sit so close too the foam, I started thinking that maybe the SP version would be better suited for this task.


I have never heard of people using the SP version to exhaust air out of a computer case. But is there something to it considering my dilemma? Since the foam is pretty thick and does impede airflow, and the fact that the fans sits so very close to the foam, would it not be better to use two SP120mm (quiet edition) fans for exhaust instead of two AF140 (quiet edition)?


I just want to get a good airflow going through my system.

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