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GS700 2013 Fan Spinning Up


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I just recently moved to a new case, and decided to upgrade my PSU at the same time. I picked up a GS700, and it powers everything fine, but I have noticed something strange, and wanted to find out if this is an issue, or just the way it is supposed to be.


Any time the system is under any kind of load (usually games or video editing in my case) the PSU fan will spin up to what seems like it's maximum for about 3 seconds, and then go back to being completely silent. This happens every 3-5 minutes. The volume coming from the fan is quite extreme, and is much louder than the rest of my system. I expect the fan to stop and start, since that was one of the features listed, but going from 0-100% every few minutes is honestly annoying.



Any input would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi Rohks, Sorry to hear your having that issue. Your right it should ramp up slowly and not blast to 100%.


Unfortunately,About all you can do is have it replaced. If this is a new unit and you still have time to swap it at your resellers that would probably be the easiest route.


If they are unwilling to help you then you can just use the link on the left to request an RMA. If you decide to have Corsair replace it they will pick up the shipping on units less than 30 days old. So be sure to ask about it if you do.

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