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Raptor K50 new revision or ultra high price tag?


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Greetings fellow corsair fans and support,


I want to buy the following keyboard, the Raptor K50, and EVERYwhere it cost like 99 dollars [which is really good]. In my favourite reseller, it cost 221 euro, which is something around 300 dollars.


My question is, does my reseller have some different, or new revision of this keyboard, that cost 3 times as much? Or is it just their megagreed? Cuz so far they had excellent prices.




Please advise,


Humble regards



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Thank You for fast reply,


Actually all shops in Slovakia do have that price tag, and it says mechanical keyboard, not rubber-dome.


I ordered it, so I wonder what it'll do when it arrives,


K50 is rubber Dome and here it says mechanical, is there some newer model?





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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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