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H80i installtion issues


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So here is my story, I had a 3570k and 212+, at stock these two hit 58-61c depending on the ambient after 12 hours. At 4.5ghz/1.288v I hit from 71-83c depending on ambients and the GPU installed.


Now I bought my H80i expecting less influence from the GPU heat and a slight increase in performance. Benchmarks state I should be in the lows 50s at stock but I take them with a grain of salt.


My new 3570k and H80i at stock hit 68c in 10 minutes of prime. Far higher then my 212+. I knew something was wrong but decided to test a overclock. 4.5ghz/1.17v hit 80c+ in a just over a minute.


Took it in, hearing about loose backplates online. The technician at NCIX who installed it found one of the screws to be loose, screwed it tighter and I went home. Temps were the exact same minus 1-2c. Decided to take a look at the TIM. About a 3rd of the chip had no thermal paste in the middle. The H80i has a pre applied coating in the shape of the CPU. Took it in and he broke of the of screws that was already bent and decided to put on a new radiator and TIM. He checked temps and they were the same, but due to the store closing told me to come back tomorrow.


My question is whats wrong, only thing that has not been redone is the backplate. Temps are not normal obviously since I am getting the same temps now as I was getting with a chunk of the thermalpaste not resting against the CPU.


Now after adding the new Radiator and WB it seems like I cannot control the speeds through Corsair link 2, I reinstalled it, no go.

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You also have to keep in mind that these water coolers are not going to perform better than a good high end air cooler. They are just an alternative to air. With the 212+ coming in at a hefty 180w TDP i don't know if that is better or worse than the H80 since Corsair don't list TDP as part of their specs.


The H100 on the other hand may give you better results with the larger RAD, but i would suspect a 212 would be pretty close to the H80

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Ask for new H80i and install it your self.

That guy will mess up your MBO in the end. :evil:

What do you mean? Toasted is correct. There are alot of users who have installed the backplate upside down . They only go one way and if it is indeed upside down , your temps will be much higher than they are supposed to be.


Or were you referring to NCIX?

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I am using corsair link. The H80i reviews all state is should be better then a 212 + , not 10-15c worse.



On their test system. And it was less than 4c. I wouldn't exactly say it outperformed it by much . And if you are expecting better than that , I'm sorry to tell you , you probably won't see that happen. At least with an H80.


Don't get me wrong they are a great product and do what they are supposed to, but they won't come near the performance of a true water cooling loop. Which is what I think you are trying to achieve with the H80.

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