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Is this 8pin Psu Plug faulty? Please take a look good quality pictures linked.


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Hello people i have a Corsair500M Modular PSU and im pretty damn sure my 8pin connector that goes Into my PSU is Faulty beyond belief and is causing my Gtx 760 to coil whine.


Can i have someone that is more experienced look at this and tell me if that is alright? I have been over to the EVGA fourms and they agree that this looks faulty.


I mean it is an 8 pin connector but Its missing a Pin... So it only has Seven. Pretty sure this is causing My Gpu to coil whine as its only using 66% of its totaly allocated power!




Remember this is the End that goes into the Psu


Can anyone tell me if this is normal?

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If it's just a modular cable, then yes. Use think on the left to request an RMA for your PSU. Then in the comments box just explain that you need just a PCI cable. As long as your PSU is still under warranty they will send you one free of charge. Otherwise you would need to purchase one.
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