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What kind of quality control do Corsair have?


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I have now owned, 3 different Corsair products.

ALL of them have failed.


We're talking 3 completely different devices.

First was the Corsair HS1 headset (nice when it functioned), it had the WELL known problem of the volume/sound card box ceasing to function, meaning one of the ear pieces stopped receiving any sound.

It lasted for a little less than a year.


Then I bought, some 2 years later the new Corsair M95 mouse, looks great and felt great. That is until if stopped tracking completely in about 2 days.

I mean it worked, then it slowly just stopped tracking, not all at once but got more and more sluggish until it just stopped, tried all surfaces.

Hard mat, cloth mat, wood table and paper. It wouldn't work.


Amazing Corsair, sure 2 products could just mean bad-luck.


HOWEVER ( why didn't I learn my lesson, I guess I thought SOMETHING would work made by Corsair), I bought the Corsair K70 mechanical keyboard.

It still functions, I've had it about 1-2 months, not long. I just noticed that 4 LED's have failed completely to light up, and NO it is not the "hold the selct button for 5 seconds to choose which key that lights up" that is enabled. I used that all the time.

So now I sit here with another Corsair product that is failing, F4, Tilde, A, and right-shift no longer light up. I expect more to follow.

I read in another post, that a person have/had the same problem as me. Some keys stop lighting up and his just got worse with more and more keys ceasing to light up.

Your response was that "this is highly unusual", sure doesn't look that way.

And knowing how every single Corsair product I owned failed, I am not surprised.


This is now the 3rd straight product to fail all in a short time.


I am not in the mood to RMA it and pay $40 or more in shipping costs for FAILURE on Corsairs part.


Already out $25 in shipping cause of the failed M95. That was a small package in comparison and not even a 5th in weight.

Can only imagine the shipping cost for the K70.

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