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Guidance requested: AX1200 dropping power on 5V and 12V according to Asus AI Suite


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Good day folks.


I am looking for some guidance here.


My Asus AI Suite 1.04.01 is sporadically giving me warnings that the +5V Voltage has dropped to 0.8v. Additionally it has three times now given a warning for my 12V dropping to 0.0v.


I am not sure how seriously to take these warnings as my system is acting stably and I have not had any crashes.


The only change from the listed system specs is that I actually have FIVE SATA HDDs. They are all Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 and 7200.14 of either 500GB or 1TB.


If significant, the SPU is OC'd to 4200MHz


Thanks for any time and input.



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Hey there darthtuba, first off your system wouldn't run at the voltages being reported. 10.5v is about the lowest I have ever seen a system still run on and the same goes for the 5v rail.


If your board has pins for metering I would suggest you start there. Otherwise you can use spare SATA and molex connectors off the PSU to check your voltages. Same with PCI cables for the 12v if you wanted to test multiple spots.

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That is kind of what I thought when I saw the 12v hit 0 ....


Thanks for the help folks. I really do appreciate.


As to the AI suite .... right now the only thing I will be using it for is to manage my fans ... until I take the time to get a more reliable piece of s/w


Be well and good weekends to all



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don't even use the asus software for fan control it's junk, mine worked for months and then it started acting up by turning off my fans, I would have to reinstall the software to fix it but it kept acting up. the asus software also gave false readings for my AX1200 so I took the advice of peanutz94 and used a meter on sata power connectors. my ax1200 is over 2 years old now and has ran perfect, the software is just junk no matter which brand none of it is any good.
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