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M95 Very "light" buttons?


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Hi guys.


I just received my M95 in the mail today, and I've been toying with it for a while and as usual its a new mouse after being used to my old Razer for a few years it's very strange and takes getting used to.


Now the problem is, the left and right mouse buttons seem very... Light? Or perhaps sticky is a better word.


It's hard to describe, but basically if I click the left mouse button for example and I press too hard, it will click the right mouse button also, or sometimes the right mouse button will get stuck and wont pop up until I release the left mouse. It's as if they have no resistance.


Is this how it always is? Do I just need to get used to being a little more light fingered or is my mouse possibly defective? It's really having a huge impact on my gaming ability when I keep getting stuck and the camera will turn when I don't want it to...


Thanks for any help.

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