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I have recently got the Corsair H80i and Link Cooling Kit.

Have had problems right from the start,

Only think that works is thankfully the H80i is actually cooling my CPU.

Apart from that none of the features I really got the kit for seems to be doing as expected.

I have raised 2 separate support tickets for each device.

I notice some people have had to post the ticket numbers in here to kind of chase a response.

So for starters here they are,




A basic run down is that neither device is detected.

The H80i is in device manager but with a Code 43 error, unknown device and windows has stopped it working. The Corsair logo on the CPU block is white.

It does have the noise coming from the pump I've read about quite a bit as well which I believe is solved by a firmware update but with it not being detected no firmware can be applied.


The commander from what I can tell is just nowhere. Can't see it in the Link software2 and can't see anything obvious in device manager. There is a green light on the front but I don't know if that's just saying there's power?


Currently running Corsair Link 2.3.4816, I have seen 2.4 but thought it was Beta, I would hope it would run in the current version.


Have been reading around the forums and followed the suggests of deleting profiles, uninstalling, re-installing etc do I need to do something magic to get the software to detect the commander?

Currently All fans plugged into the cooling node spin up on start up, then power down and nothing. I feel so old school with the side of the case off and a desk fan pointing in to just keep things cool till I can get the fans going.


Other than just trying bits and bobs and also trying them plugged in separately encase they are getting confused, I'm stuck.

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So I've had some success.


The H80i is finally recognized and fully controllable.

I don't know if it was the fix but it was sharing a power cable with my 2 SSDs.

So I added it's own cable from the PSU, bingo it shows in Link2.

Maybe that should have been some common sense but couldn't see why this would make to much of a difference?!


Still think it needs some playing around.

The idle temp of the CPU is about 4-5c higher than when it had a stock cooler on.

But P95 gets it about 7-8c lower than when the stock cooler was on


Stock = Idle-33c Load-69c

H80i = Idle-37c Load-62c

Do these temps seem acceptable??

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Hi Thanks for the responses. I have attached whats showing and version numbers, aong with the link version being 2.4.4948


So as mentioned I have the H80i in Link2, can control what I need, temperatures are still something I maybe want to toy with, the back plate seems tightly on, I may whip it all off and re-apply some aftermarket compound.

What I maybe concerned about in a positive negative way, before putting my questions on here I submitted a support ticket on Corsair force, just looking for support if maybe it was a known issue, this has now come back as an accepted RMA, is there none faults beyond software fixes? Don't think I've known an RMA to be done without some form of diags? so torn, do i send it back encase there is an issue and be without a pc for a while or live with it now its showing in command and appears ok?



Then onto my next issue and the commander not showing (firstly again a support ticket has been submitted but not heard anything back on that 1 yet)

After updated the commander to 2.0.6 it did show but that is all that is showing.

It doesn't show the connected cooling node attached.

The light on the front of the commander flashes between green and red.

The cooling node box gets very hot, so much so that where it's got hot the plastic has gone from it's rough feel to smooth, I'm guessing that should be normal and maybe this is faulty?

other than that I don't know what else to try with it.


Thanks again


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But P95 gets it about 7-8c lower than when the stock cooler was on

thats when most if not all watercooling shines regardless of brand or type.

honestly thats when it matters most, stock cooling temps will always be ± 5c of what an air cooler does.

that extra 7-8c usually allows higher overclocking if you are in to that.

you can even try lowering your CPU voltage by .250v for even better temps as long as its stable.

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