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Vengeance M95 - Firmware Update Issue


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Vengence M95 2.24, Software


Hi All

I have problems with the M95 update!

When I run the program WIN7 reports that it does not recognize device (USB 2.0 port)

I bought the keyboard, headset and mouse in June 2013, has been trough forum, cannot find reference to the solution of M95 update problem!


I think it is poor service from Corsair and I am deeply disappointed "Irritated".


Our products do not support USB 3.0 strange problem in a technology company.


The correct customer information leaflets "Vengeance ® M90 Gaming Software User Guide.


NOT bothered to labeled customer material is properly shortcuts "do not bother" do not care about customer attitude.


I have M95 (forum references to the wrong product for aid solution, etc.)

Possible that's exactly the problem... You are sending out the wrong solution on your product firmware update..


Customer for more than 10 years of various products in your assortment, not a single problem with EARLIER products.


Eagerly await for a reply from you guys with proper solution on the update problem!




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