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I submitted (or attempted to) an RMA request on the 12th of this month, which the support site apparently insisted on submitting as "Ask a question".


This is my second ticket related to the same problem, for the second headset suffering from the same problem. The first I closed myself after 4 days of no response, and this second has still received no response despite the one business day turnaround mentioned in the confirmation email.


Is there any way for me to check that these tickets are actually being submitted correctly and not just being pumped directly to /dev/null?


Case number for the open ticket is: 6081232

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Thanks for the approval, sadly I haven't been able to get out to ship it back yet though.


I'm just wondering, is there any chance the replacement headset would be the 1500v2? I'm just wondering if it'd be more durable than previous models.

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