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What? Still No Wheels on the 900D Case?


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First, you make a big, heavy case without wheels (casters) in the 800D.


Then, you make a bigger, heavier case without wheels (casters) in the 900D.


Now, you have two cases that are a bitch to move around because they weigh over 75 pounds when fully loaded.


And, you expect me to pay more than USD 300.00 for either case.


Nope. Not going to do it. Not going to buy another case until you put wheels under them.


Going to buy CaseLabs cases instead!

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  • Corsair Employees
We left this option for customer to decide and we're trying to stay within certain price range. Most people won't pay the additional cost for a set of wheels because they probably won't be moving 75+ lbs case around that much.
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@wytnyt: Yes, I do move my case around a lot; if for no other reason than to clean the "dust bunnies" that tend to accumulate around anything electronic.


@RamGuy: I was not asking that Corsair include wheels with their larger cases nor was I asking Corsair to force anyone to purchase wheels. Had you looked at my prior posts, you would have seen my requests asking and begging Corsair for wheels as an extra cost option. And had you looked at the CaseLabs web site, you would have seen wheels there as extra cost options there for three quality levels depending on what the customer wanted to spend.


FYI, I am soon to be 74 years old, and while I am still self-sufficient and capable of driving my 1995 Taurus SHO 3.0 MTX or Focus ST2 competently, picking up and/or moving around 75 pounds, or more, of liquid cooled computer equipment is not what I enjoy doing for my daily exercise.


So, again I plead with Corsair product management to include wheels as extra cost options for their larger cases.


I thank you for your considerate response ...

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i understand your situation,im 58 and my 500r weighs a good 80 lbs. if not more so having to move it would be a chore for me to do,,yeah getting old suxx.they do make wheels that can be used under your pc,if you like id be glad to browse around and find you a set.


heres one site that offer a few models


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Hi all,


I too use the same Lian-Li platforms to move my 800D cases around.


Unfortunately, that Lian-Li platform is but 250mm wide and 700mm long and, guess what, the 900D case is 251mm wide and 691mm long. Since the feet on the 900D are as outboard on each corner as you can get, those locations are too close to being too wide and too long for my comfort level.


So, the 900D case and Lian-Li platform cost $380.00 + $50.00 = $430.00. For that money, I can get an all aluminum, designed and manufactured in the USA, CaseLabs Magnum M10 case with heavy duty casters! $420.00 + $16.00 = $436.00!


Not only that, but if I want to spend the extra money, I can have CaseLabs build and option the case exactly the way I want it; not the way some bean counter wants to sell it to me!


Oops, I apologize for the rant. I really like the 900D. I was going to build my next liquid cooled gamer in that box, but not if I can't move it around. So close, so close, only to fail over some silly, extra cost option like a set of casters ...


I thank you all for your considerate responses ...

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So close, so close, only to fail over some silly, extra cost option like a set of casters ....


i have to agree,it is silly

to purposely rant simply belittles your integrity

a company cant build a case specifically for every user unless of course they custom make em.,

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@wytnyt: Yeah, I shouldn't have ranted. It was sheer frustration, really. Please accept this apology for my bad manners.


OTOH, I don't have ulcers or an upset stomach and it's not likely that I shall ever again. That stopped when I learned to let others know exactly how I felt as opposed to burying my frustrations behind a "stiff upper lip" approach to life.


Now all I have to do is to learn to relate my feelings in a more positive, less harmful manner so there are fewer rants. I am working on that.


P.S. Just figured out your signature ... White Knight ... not bad; not bad at all ... :)


My best to everyone reading this topic chain ... maybe there will be 900D wheels under our Xmas trees this year ... who knows? :)

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  • Corsair Employees


I agree with you and this topic was discussed prior to it's release, so we have thought it through and the Product Manager decided that the added cost would not be worth the benefit. Right wrong and indifferent we do not have a choice at this point. However, personally I have done some research on this and found the most OSH, Home Depot and some other hardware stores carry a good selection of Casters and or wheels that can be added for less that $60.00 USD.

Something like this would work best in this type of case



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@ramguy: Thanks for the considerate response about wheels and casters; however, we still have a problem. Specifically, where do I mount the casters on the 900D case without destroying its structural rigidity?


I believe I cannot remove the existing feet as they are part of their respective end plates. But if I did remove the existing feet (grinding and/or sawing), are there mounting areas beneath the removed feet? And how much of the feet do I remove?


If I don't remove the feet, where do I mount the wheels/casters? How much of a mounting area should the casters have to spread their loading evenly?


I think you can see where I am going with this, and no, I am not being deliberately obtuse about the task. What I am doing is being extremely careful about this particular case modification so I don't lose the monies I have invested in the 900D due to a mistake of mine.


That's why so many of us purchased the Lian-Li W3B wheeled platform for our 800D cases. It was a reasonably priced, effective solution for all the issues I listed. Unfortunately, and so far as I know, Lian-Li have not made a W4B platform for the 900D yet.


Perhaps, you could refer this topic and its posts to the 900D Product Manager. He seems like a reasonable individual from what I have seen on YouTube of the 900D product descriptions he has made.


Look at it this way, if monolithic Microsoft could put a Start button on the Windows 8.1 user interface, surely Corsair could put optional caster mounts on the end plates of the 900D rev 1?


Thanks again for the reasonable responses. I think we have done about all we can to express our respective positions on this matter.

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@Ramguy: Thanks again for the considerate replies. I am truly sorry we could not work out our differences.


I bought a CaseLabs Merlin SM8-X case tonight ... with the optional heavy duty casters too. You can find a good but somewhat lengthy review of the SM8 case here:



I am going to put two Alphacool Monsta (80mm thick) radiators in the case; a 480 up top and a 240 in front. Both rads will be running push/pull fan cooling using Corsair 120mm SP and AF fans running off a 30A, 6-position, Scythe fan controller. The SP fans will be running on the push side and the AF fans will be running on the pull side. Hopefully, this arrangement will achieve optimum airflow through the radiator cores.


The PSU will be a Corsair 1200i. The pump will be a Swiftech MCP35X screwed into the bottom of a Bitspower 200mm cylindrical reservoir. The pump's speed will be PWM controlled by the 4-pin, CPU fan connector on the motherboard. Using the motherboard CPU fan connector should force the CPU to enter a Halt state anytime the BIOS detects that the MCP35X pump has stopped.


I plan to use the small rad to cool a 4770-K CPU and the big rad to cool an EVGA 780 GTX Hydro GPU (or two).


There are two reasons for using a large coolant reservoir: one is to eliminate turbulence and air bubbles in the coolant; the other is to be able to use lots of coolant to prime the pump to make filling (or draining) the radiators, cooling blocks, and tubing finish faster.


If I build it correctly, maintenance should be relatively easy as the fill plug will be in the top radiator and the drain plug will be in the bottom of the front radiator or the reservoir ... whichever is lower.


Oh, yes, why am I doing all this? Because The Elder Scrolls Online should be going into its advanced beta testing soon. If you don't know what TESO is, think of Oblivion and Daggerfall quality graphics in an online world that's bigger and more complex than Azeroth.


Again, @Ramguy, I apologize for the circumstances that prevented us from resolving our differences in a way that might have made both of us happy campers.

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