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Not sure which color 600T? Any special edition white owners?


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Hey guys


I used to own a graphite grey 600T and sold it to get a silver one recently. Unfortunately my house was broken into and my "baby" was stolen.


I am unsure which color option I now want as replacement. I am leaning towards the white special edition this time but I am not sure.


My concerns however regarding the white one are:


1.) Dirt. I am very pedantic and ensure that I at least once a week (in some case two weeks at worst) to clean my rig, screen, keyboard and mouse by dusting them off first and then to wipe them down with damp/mildly wet microfibre cloth. Not sure if this will be sufficient. I am also not sure how quickly and easily dirt will show up in the first place?


2.) Fading. I read somewhere that Corsair spent a lot of time researching the paint used on the white special edition to ensure it is UV resistant etc. Realistically speaking, how well will it hold up, especially over an extended period of time like a few years (not just months)?


Any opinions you guys can share will be appreciated. Any of you white special edition owners out there that can share your personal experiences and opinions? Any regrets or advise? I would be keen to hear from owners who had their white special editions for quite some time (few years) to hear how it has been holding up with regards to dirt, fading etc.



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I built a PC with the white 600T for a friend back in April. I have to say that the case looks excellent in person. It made me wish that the white 600T existed when I bought mine. My friend loves the case and has had no complaints so far, including no issues with dirt or fading paint. Although keep in mind he has only had it since April.
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I have owned this case for over a year now and am enjoying it very much. I purchased a clear acrylic case window from mnpctech and added all white wires. Took out the drive bay and put my drives (two SSD's) below my DVD player. Added Corsair white led fans with the white rings and it looks pretty cool.


No problems with dirt nor fading as my office is in my basement and no sunlight there. Have no problems with the fan controller or the USB ports.


Overall a very happy customer.



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