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HX750 Power Randomly Cuts Out


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Hello everyone,


I’ve built my rig 3 years ago and i can say it has been an uneventful 3 years problem wise.


But, recently my PC started behaving strangely. Out of nowhere the power would simply cut.


It happened in Gmail and chatting on Steam with friends. Never during heavy loads… yet.



System is not overclocked

All fans are spinning (most of them Corsair AF Silent)

Temps are good (CPU and GPU)

Case cleaned every 1-2 months with compressed air.

Didn’t find any cracked capacitors on the motherboard.

Nothing really out of the ordinary in the event logs except an unplanned shutdown.

Power cable is connected properly to the PSU

No strange noise/smell coming from the PSU

No new hardware installation.


In short (no pun intended) it’s pretty much like somebody pulled the power cord from the PSU. I press the power button on my case and my PC boots up. No need to flip the switch on the back of the PSU


By the way, a power fluctuation is very unlikely since my PC is connected to a CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD Pure Sine Wave UPS. When the problem happen, everything connected on the UPS is still receiving power and behave normally.


Is there a simple test or software I could use to rule out a PSU problem?


Thank you.

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Sorry for the late reply peanutz94 but I must reply from work now. More on that later.


If I remember correctly, the PSU always showed a relatively low +12V reading in HWMonitor and in the BIOS. Last year i borrowed a multimeter from work and tested the voltage from a Molex plug and everything checked out. But I can’t remember the exact value.


Saturday, when I booted my pc, the PSU fan would spin for a brief moment before stopping and the power cuts. This behavior looped until I pulled the power cord or used the switch on the back of the PSU.


Didn’t have the chance to work on it during the week-end.


If I ever get it to post tonight, I’ll give you the information you asked. But tinkering with a “working until proven faulty” PSU is not my idea of fun.

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After unplugging everything except the CPU (Hyper 212+ cooler), checking the CMOS Battery, reseating everything back it booted correctly.


While I was in the BIOS I took the voltage readings you asked.


CPU: 1.176V

3.3V: 3.248V

5V: 4.998V

12V: 12.025V


In Windows (idle) HWMONITOR

CPU: 1.25V

3.3V: 3.28V

5V: 4.87V

12V: 11.6V


I didn’t wait for a new power cut and turned off my system. A faulty PSU FUBAR my previous rig after 2 years. So I’m not taking any chances here.

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