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Proper PWM Pump Control


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I have 2 D5 Pumps (MPC-655) connected for a Cooling Node


The 1st one is treated as a 3 Wire fan (so its reports its speed only) and you can tell Corsair Link to say its a Pump - and it will tell you its speed - all ok with no problem.


The 2nd one is a PWM version so I can control the actual speed of it 100% like a PWM (4 Wire) Fan BUT if I tell it its a Pump there is no way to control the speed of it!


Can we have PWM Pump control please (when you tell its connected to a Pump:-)


Yes I know I can just leave it as a fan and it'll work 100% but I cannot set the RPM divider and the icon is wrong


Yes I know it probably won't be in the next version out but it would be nice :-)

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