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2 Day - No Response - Ticket 6081542

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Curious how long it takes to get a response. A couple days would be fine except that when I created the ticket, the automated message said I would received a response in 1 day.


Problem: Updated the FW on my H100i to 1.0.7 to try and correct the missing green LED, the other two colors worked and also to try and correct Link reading pump temp instead of CPU temp.


Anyway.... followed the instructions to update the FW and it updated successfully, but alas, now there are no lights at all and Link can no longer see the H100i at all. Neither can the computer/windows. Its not detected as a USB device. Not detected at all. I also tried a Mini USB to regular usb and plugged it into one of my working USB ports (Although a H100i FW update wouldn't fry my motherboard USB header, tried anyway).


So it sits there running the fans at what sounds to be 75%, with no lights and no connection to Link.


Any info would be appreciated.

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