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CORSAIR HX650 Coil whine and questions.


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Hello Corsair for once again,




It appears after 2 years of use or so,my PSU started to sing.I can notice whine and high piching noise whether being in games or in idle.I tried two different set ups.One with ax760 and x58 chipset and one with HX650 and z87.The whine is persistant.



So i am asking you,could you send me another one? Since the shop where i bought it from it shut down(greek economy rolls),and i cannot return it back there,otherwise i would.Plus,im afraid i dont have its box or receipt anymore and i miss some cables.



Also,could you send someone to take it from my place,since i am working as a cook,and i have to get up really early to head to the restaurant for the preparations till 2 am in the night.I really dont have any freetime sadly,besides sundays where the local posts are closed.


Thank you in advance,



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Corsair is pretty nice, when it comes to warranty and RMA.


Im sure they will replace it, if there's a good reason for it.


To the left on this site, you will see a link called "RMA Request", press that and follow the instructions :) that will make you an RMA.


Good luck!

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I am asking if its able for them to send someone to pick it up from my place,since i do not have the time to send it.

Yes, they would replace it. However,Shipping the PSU would be your responsibility. You can certainly have someone arrange to have it picked up though.



Corsair will only pay for shipping on second RMA's and units that are less than 30 days old. Sorry.

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