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H100i liquid cooler died?


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Hi All,


Need some help with my Corsair H100i. Basically as of right now my H100i is not cooling my CPU properly causing it to overheat from almost any video game i play. I'm not 100% sure if it is caused by the H100i, but one of the symptoms im experiencing is CPU overheating. For example when i play League of Legends, 10 min in the game, the game starts running at 2 - 5 FPS and i get warning signs that my CPU is hitting at around 77 - 85c. Also the Corsair led logo on the H100i is shining red and blinking. Furthermore on the next day i tried to turn it on to see if it will light up red when my computer already cooldown. It starts up with a regular white led for about 5 seconds then goes to the blinking red.


Ok now when it started happening. Basically i went on a 2 week vacation from home and the problems started happening right when i got back. I didnt have any problems before then. Only person that has been to my home is my parents to pick up some stuff. My mom claims all sure did was clean up the place (she always has to do this whenever she drops by for some odd reason.)


Now things i did already. First thing i did was checked the temps for all my devices and they seem to be all at good levels. Only thing that is off the charts is my CPU. Next cleaned and replaced the thremal paste (found out it dried out) still no go. Next made sure every cable was firmly connected still nothing. All my computer were hust bought March this year BTW except for my power. Next thing im going to try when i get back is switch the H100i with the fan my motherboard comesnwith and see, but would like to know anything else i could do. Thanks.

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