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Corsair H80i *EXTREMELY* High temps


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Hey all.


Just installed my Corsair H80i today. Within a few minutes of powering on my computer, I noticed that the H80i's fans were revved up, and very loud!


So, here's what the temps are, on my AMD FX-8150 and Biostar 990 FXE in my Antec 1100 case:


Idle: 35-55 degrees celsius

Load: Never got to test, within 10 seconds of opening Prime95, temps skyrocketed to 80 degrees and my computer shut off (within those 10 seconds)


Taking a look at my temps, my temps fluctuate wildly as does my fan speed. The installation of the fan was a pain - there was not much room in the case at all to install, I'm wondering if I nicked off some thermal paste? If so, how should I go about reapplying? (connected to a 4-pin because manual said connect to 3 or 4 pin and closest was 4 pin)


How should I go about fixing this? If it's thermal paste, I have an unused tube of IC Diamond 7 carat paste, but I've never applied before - how should I go about doing it in this *extremely* tight case without having it smear?


Images below.





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Issue fixed.


What I did was rearrange the cooler to be in the right direction, and then SCREW IT ON AS TIGHT AS I COULD! It seems that it was not tight enough the first time around.


Running Prime95 on a 4.1 GHz overclock across eight cores, temps never go above 40 degrees... they used to reach 70 on my old cooler.

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