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Confused about noise


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So, earlier today.. i suddenly hear Coil whine / noise from a hardware component in the PC. i wasnt quite sure if it was the graphics card or the PSU.


There is no noise at all to hear, when i have my system running idle, but if i were running a game, i could suddenly hear low noise / coil whine.


i was reading the sticky post about noisy PSU's, and i tried forcing V-sync on in my 3D graphics settings. THis helped totally, and 100% stopped the low coil whine / noise.


So, does this mean that there is something wrong with my current graphics card? or could it still be the PSU, im a bit confused, since my PSU is not older than 2 weeks, which i got after my last was send to RMA.


My PSU is a Corsair TX 650w V2, and my graphics card is a GTX560-ti HAWK, from MSI, which is about 2 years old.


Im worried since i want my system to run as smooth as possible, and im gonna replace the part that causes this, and it's not all games i can force V-sync on, like fps games.


I filmed this short video, when idling in windows, and my PSU makes very low electronic sounds, is that normal? does all PSU make that low electronic noise?




the first few noises, is from my cellphone... maybe you can't hear anything, and it's just me. but there was something when running in high graphics load


EDIT: i will try to take my PSU out tomorrow, and be sure to see if it's the GPU or PSU which makes the low Coil whine noise, i really don't hope it's the PSU.. the graphics card i can live without a couple of weeks, but not the PSU again :(

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