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Raid0 from GTX Neutron 120 GB performing like ****

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Greetings fellow corsair fans and users,


I'm building one rig for superior performance, all of my rigs do have Intel 520 SSD drives with inferior SandForce controller.


So I took the state of art Corsair Neutron GTX 120 GB SSD and hit it to raid0 arrray.


Whereas Intel 520 performs great [1110 MB/s read/1050 MB/s write] ~80K iOPs on the best rated iOP test, the Corsair Neutron GTX 120 GB runs barely 400 MB/s write/ 600 MB/s read and 200 iOPS best rated,


I'm using newest HW processor 4770K, with Asus Sabertooth Z87, running Windows 8 Professional. Using all drivers [iRST/ mobo drivers]. The same rig is running intels just fine, so problem ain't in mobo/cpu, software or something else.


A also don't see the drives at all in Corsair SSD Toolbox, I can't upgrade it, nor see it's info, nor nothing,


please advise,





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Am not sure why you are having a problem. I have the same motherboard and CPU with 2 120G Force 3 drives in Raid0 and reads and writes are both over 1000 MB.


Am not sure why your drives are not showing up in Toolbox, might have to wait for a techie for that one.


I think you will like the setup once you get the problem straightened out.


Good Luck


PS: can you post your ATTO scores?

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