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TX850 noisy


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Hello, i have a TX850 PSU and from the moment i bought it it does a weird sound when the fan stops/starts and also the fan is kinda loud. It is more loud than the CPU fan and i can clearly hear it when its spinning. It starts very loud and then slowly becomes more quiet.


I have recorded that sound if you want to hear it.


At 0:27 the fan starts, and at 1:03 you can hear that weird sound when the fan stops.

It is exactly like that every time. I tried disabling the power saving options mentioned on the sticky but nothing helped.


What can i do? Does the PSU have problems?


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Today i noticed another weird sound, it does a sound like that coil whine that some people say, but more of like a rattling sound (like a bug flying). It does this even when the PSU is off and even when i disconnect every single cable from the PC. It only stops when i press the on/off PSU switch.


I am a little scared now, should i keep using the PSU, is there a chance it can damage my motherboard or something else? I read that a failing capacitor may sound like that and can damage components, is this true?


I tried recording it but i couldn't get a good recording because it is not very loud, you can hear it if you get close to the PC though.

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