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well - I made the same experience


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sad to say, in my cases nothing better.


NO reply for 10 days to ticket 6075644 - I closed it myself, because I bought the Obsidean 900d finally not at corsair shop - because of problems with paypal refusing corsair!!! - I bought it at a german reseller.



NO reply sicne 3 days to ticket 6080052 - yes a weekend is in between. But I expect that a company with this size does have support for RMAs and tickets too on weekend - sorry you dont share this thought. but hey, a complete Monday working day past too and no reply. to a very basic question every first level support should be able to answer...




EDIT: No2 got answered today (& via forum yesterday...)

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  • Corsair Employees

Case# 6075644:

I am sorry but we do not accept Pay Pal. And I am sorry I do not know why our customer service hasn't answered you.


Case# 6080052:

You posted this ticket in our system at 10:43 AM Our Time on Saturday and our Europe Tech support responded to you early this morning

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