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My AX PSUs line story


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This is the latest problems with PSU AX line....

I have received a replacement, AX760 instead. Initially I had Ax750

The BIG problem is that I did not believed that the faulty one I must send it back I have to pay to the Netherlands the postage, standard €50 and registered over €70, just to send an unfunctional product that Corsair will throw into the bin.

If I knew I would not have accepted any replacement, I would have purchased a new one with the money I will pay for postage to send it back.


I had AX650 who exploded -> again lost money...

I other AX850 problems again

1xAX750 -> faulty again

Now again this one AX750. I had problems from the beginning, but I did not want to send it back, to save some money. Now the PC started to turn on only second attempt and many short beeps, so I went ahead for RMA.

I just swapped it with the replacement that I received it today and it is working fine so far.

It seems that Corsair is not responsible of its products.....TOOOOOO much money sending it back.

I will NEVER buy Corsair products anymore.

Here are some pictures with the NEW AX760, it is working fine but it looks like somebody droped his lunch on it, a lot of dirt one the PSU connectors.

Also the two screws that hold a part of the PSU are worn-out and scratches around it.....Is this NEW I was told!

I hope it will be OK. I did not tried to clean it up.

It is safe to continue to use it?

It looks like it is refurbished one.


I sent lots of emails to <incorrect email address>, but no answers at all.





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I do not think the wiring could be a problem.

The one I just got for Corsair, AX760, the replacement, in spite of the dirt and a few scratches, it is working flawless. I think it is refurbished, but it's working & was sealed as new.

Since I got it the fan never turned on. The fan is working fine, I checked by turning on the switch. All hardware I have, idle mode, does not draw more than 80 to 90W, I think....

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I just got from Corsair a replay that they are going to replace the replacement PSU I just got it, too.

..***Do not reply to this e-mail. UPS and Corsair will not receive your reply.

This notice alerts you, Corsair has processed this UPS Returns request. A label has been created and is in transit to the collection location...


I am not going to give the PSU away, I can not stay without it, therefore I did an express RMA previously. I want first to receive the new one.

That dirt and a few screwdriver marks do not affect the functionality of the PSU. It is working fine. I just let them know the way I received, if brakes again and send it back do not be blamed of opening it.

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