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Vengeance 2000 return or wait for update?


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Hi all.


2 days ago i bought the vengeance 2000.

Originally I was planning on getting the logitech g930, but since ive had several occations where logitech have left me disappointed due to poor quality and extremely bad customer support, I decided to go with something else and the corsairs seemed like the best bang for the buck.



Well, after these two days I am having difficuly adapting to some issues that will be a dealbreaker for me, and as I still have opportunity to return the headset to the store and get my money back, Im seriously considering it.



First its the issue with the reception. It says it should have 10m reception, but if i move only 3-4m from the dongle, it starts crackling and dropping. This is not a huge issue, but being wireless, I expect being able to walk around my small appartment listening to music without losing the audio once ever 2 seconds.

Is this a hardware or software issue? If the latter, it could be fixed right?


Then theres the mic. I have it at highest volume and still its really low. I have to talk really loud for ppl to hear me clearly, this shouldnt be the case.

This is surely something that could be fixed with software, right?


Ive also read a bunch of posts where people say their headsets just stopped working one way or another. How big is this number, and should I expect my headsets to be replaced within a year or two?


Aside from this theres also the hissing, but for me this is very faint and doesnt bother me much so i can live with it.






Whats the chance we will get the issues (bad reception, mic volume) fixed with software updates soon enough?

Im asking because im considering returning the headset but i have to decide within a few days. IF we will get the issues fixed, ill keep them, if there is no update coming then im returning them (or if no definite answer is given).

Hope for an answer soon!



Also, if anyone would care to give me a step by step guide to what is the best settings for use with gaming (driver version, windows settings and so on).



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Corsair hasn't released any information regarding any changes to the Vengeance 2000 line, so it's impossible to give you an answer. As for the short range, it is either caused by interference from other wireless devices, metal walls, or a faulty dongle/headset. If I was you I'd issue a RMA before returning the headset, if you still dislike the headset after getting a brand new one then the choice to return it is up to you.
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Well the store policy is only for 14 days so issuing an RMA and waiting for a new one will nullify the possibillity to return it instore and receive my money back.


Besides, i bought these three days ago, they must be considered "brand new" in every possible way, what will be the difference with the exchange pair?



Today i also read about the issue with the cracking plastic which seems to be a common issue considering the almount of posta about it on the net.


Seems like if i keep them it will only be a matter of time before theyll break and ill have to wait maybe weeks before i have a replacement, who most likely will be keen to break aswell.


Im not bashing, but im a bit sad to see such a good product suffer from issues that shouldnt be to hard to fix.

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Your headset will break. Trust me, it's just a matter of time. I'm so careful with my stuff and I babied my pair yet they still slowwwwwwwly started cracking on the side earpiece which just grew bigger and bigger. Now the headset can't even fit on my head properly as the right earcuff sticks out to the side and doesn't sit flush against my ear. It's been over 3 weeks and I'm still waiting for my advanced RMA to even arrive, let alone send it back. Absolutely ridiculous. I bought a pair of Logitech's in the meantime to have something and I'm just as disappointed with those as well. They feel cheap, sound really cheap and really hurt my ears after a few minutes.
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Almost all wireless headsets have some strange quirk about them in one way or another. I'd recommend simply buying a wired headset, or wired headphones + tabletop mic mic.


I appreciate the tip, its the same thing many people are saying.

But I already have a great pair of wired headphones, which i normally use when recording music.


For gaming, im prepared to take a big step down in audio quality as long as i get the freedom of wireless and surround(ish) sound.

One way or another im getting these two luxuries =)

Question is just which perks to choose from then.

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Almost all wireless headsets have some strange quirk about them in one way or another. I'd recommend simply buying a wired headset, or wired headphones + tabletop mic mic.


That's what I'm doing next time. I'll get a really good pair of studio headphones and sound card with just a table top mic. Although I do love the Vengeance 2000s. Corsair just needs to figure out a solution to the cracking side pieces.


Once my RMA get's here I'm going to turn the screws back a half/full turn and ease off some of the pressure, perhaps that'll help matters.

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