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H80i USB cable Header Doesnt Fit


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So I got my new H80i in the mail today and began fitting it to my new build...found out I was missing 4 washers for my push pull set up...ok nbd call cs - submit a ticket and run as pull in the meantime, right?



...Not so fast, I couldnt get the USB cable header into the pump. It just wont fit. I am wondering if NewEgg cleverly sold me a refurbished H80i as the price has dropped by 25% but my question is...is the H100i usb cable header the same size as the H80i? Just wondering if the cables somehow got swapped.


Any feedback is appreciated, thanks.

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The Port as far as I know is a standard MiniUSB (which is besides the Corsair link Port) ( I don't have one myself)


The H80i and H100i as far as I can see from Pictures are the same ports (MiniUSB besides the Corsair Link port).


Do you have pictures of (both ends) of the cable you are trying to plug into the USB port on the cooler and where you are trying to plug it into?

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