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Why is RMA taking so long...


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So my order was processed July 25th and shipped July 26th for advanced RMA. It's August 12th and its still being held in Richmond awaiting some sort of "Power of Attorney" form. I've contacted the shipping dept at Corsair and they assured me they would have it resolved by now but it's still in the same status.


I'm pretty picky when it comes to audio quality and I just really like the sound quality on the 1500s/2000s. I just picked up a pair of Logitech G430's cuz they were on sale but they sound like pure garbage. They're really hollow sounding and they feel really, really cheap. They're comfy but so are earmuffs.


Anyway, I need my good sound back! :D


Oh and if anyone was curious, I owned a pair of 1500s before the 2000s and both headsets sound a lot better than these G430's from Logitech.

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Corsair updated my RMA ticket saying they have spoken with UPS and have provided the necessary documentation to release it from customs, so hopefully I will get it soon.


Thanks for your response.

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