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Corsair SP120 PWM fans buzzing


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I have 5 Cooling Nodes 1 lighting node connected to a link Commander. I have 26 Corsair SP120 PWM Quiet Edition Fans 25 are connected to 5 cooling nodes and one fan is connected to my CPU PWM header on my motherboard.


One of my Corsair SP120 PWM quiet editions fans is making a buzzing noise when I run this below maximum speed. I have been setting the fans to 500rpm using the fixed RPM setting.


I am using Corsair link Software. 2.3.4816

Commander firmware 2.0.6


Cooling node firmware 1.2.11 on all 5 cooling nodes

I am using lighting node firmware 1.1.9


The cooling nodes are connected to channels 1-5 on the commander and the lighting node to channel 6.


I believe the buzzing noise maybe caused by the cooling node the fan is connected to.

I have so far tried different firmware 1.2.5 on the cooling nodes.


Any suggestions on where to go next?

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Go to Corsair Link and Check the particular fans information and see if it thinks the FAN is 3 Wire rather than 4 Wire. (So it controls it differently).


I've had this problem in the past with couple of random SP120 QE PWM FANs and turning the machine off/on usually fixes it (So the cooling node rechecks the type of fan which is connected)

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I have tried what you have suggested Lennon. All my SP120 PWM quiet edition fans are showing up as Connection type: Unknown Type: Unknown it's only showing the fans maximum speed.


The Buzzing noise is only happening with one fan. I have a non-Corsair 120mm PWM fan that I can try and see if that makes a buzzing noise.




I believe the PWM extension cable I used may have been the fault I removed the one to the fan that was buzzing. Then connected another PWM extension cable this fan that was buzzing seems to have stopped. Then the PWM fan connected to the motherboard header started to buzz.


I can't see a loose connection on the PWM fan extension cable I used. At the moment the corsair SP120 PWM quiet edition fan I have connected to the PWM fan header on the motherboard is buzzing.


3 Different Corsair SP120 PWM Quiet editions fans connected to the cooling nodes have started to Buzz Now after turning on my PC. They are buzzing at any speed but maximum speed. None off my corsair SP120 fans are registering there connection or type it's just saying unknown .


Would it be worth re-flashing the firmware for the command unit?


Edit an update on my fan buzzing issue


I have unconnected the fans' that where buzzing and connected 1 fan at a time to the cooling nodes and re-booting my PC. If it buzzed turning off my PC and on agene seemed to have resolved the buzzing issue. Connecting one fan at a time seemed to have worked.


The only issue is that the fans are showing up as Unknown connection and type.

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