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K65 keyboard, issue with repating backslash on Linux


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I recently bought a K65 keyboard and I'm having an issue on Ubuntu Linux. I believe my problem is very similiar to (or even identical to) this one:




I.e. the backslash key (just left of the Enter key) repeats if preceded by another keypress while "typing normally". Since I'm using a Nordic keyboard I'm getting duplicate single quote characters, but the root cause seems to be the key itself since I'm getting duplicate backslashes if I change to English/US keyboard layout. This appears to be a problem only with this specific key.


On Windows 8 the keyboard appears to work perfectly, including the LEDs, which don't work on Linux unless I switch to BIOS mode - but then the scroll lock LED keeps blinking which I find somewhat annoying.


The issue shows up on my 64 bit Ubuntu 13.04 installation on my desktop computer as well as the 32 bit Ubuntu installation on my laptop when I plug in the keyboard, so I don't think the exact hardware configuration is very important.


I'm aware Linux isn't officially supported, but perhaps there is a workaround for this (apart from setting the keyboard switch to BIOS mode)?


Apart from this issue I'm very pleased with the keyboard. :)

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I have the exact same issue with the exact keyboard.. This is a huge let down.. Ill explain... Not everyone uses mac and windows so it is a failure that corsair doesnt have a driver that is just plug and play for linux... I have worked at 3 ocmpanies in New York City for the past 5 years and at all of them Ive used linux as my desktop. My point is to Corsair that they should not take away the simple standard plug and play keyboard driver that works everywhere, not everyone uses windows/Mac. This is a huge let down. I cant type linux commands without back slashes popping out, it drives me crazy and I bought this keyboard specifically for work now its useless to me.


Corsair.... Please fix this or im switching keyboard providers and so will everyone else in the linux community..


TIP: make the keyboard function without an application that needs to be installed, this is annoiying and useless if its platform specfici

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What you're experiencing is actually a bug in the linux kernel, and it affects any keyboard with N-key rollover, not just Corsair's. There's a fix for it planned for Linux 3.20: https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=70181


Using my unofficial driver will also fix it, as terabyte said. If installing additional software isn't an option you'll have to use the keyboard in BIOS mode until your distro has the fix incorporated.

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Ive also found out that it is related to the linux kernel and havent had time to try to get the patch to work on my workstation. Ive been trying bios mode with a weird bug that the keyboard randomly stops responding to the computer.. another problem
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