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Are the Corsair sp 120 high performance fans really that good?


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Is this true? Is the Corsair 120 sp high performance edition that good ?


http://www.xbitlabs.com/articles/coolers/display/120mm-fan-roundup-4_24.html#sect0 (maximum 120 mm fans airflow cfm and airflow at 36 db noise level cfm)


Only the gentle typhoon is better at low rpm/db ratio http://www.xbitlabs.com/picture/?src=/images/coolers/120mm-fan-roundup-4/188_diagr_noise-xbt.png


I mean it's better then the Noctua NF-F12PWM that everybody recommends :eek: (although i don't know the sound difference and if the corsair has a buzz sound like the SP120L corsair H100i standard fans)


Is the sound better from these corsair sp 120 high performance fans then the standard SP120L fans? (if they are i will buy them, if they won't make my H100i almost 100% silent, which i have sent to corsair for rma, it must be the pump, got this feeling that my pump might have been a bit to loud, but i didn't rma my H100i because of noise)



If the sp120 high performance fans are better then the SP120L H100i fans, why havn't corsair made the H100i that much more expensive and included the better sp fans, then many could have had much less problems with the sound,noise level from the corsair H100i.

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No the fans we bundle with the cooler will offer the best noise to performance ratio, and I would not suggest using any 3-Pin fans with our cooler and we only officially support the fans that are made for the cooler.
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