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Vengeance 2000 - Bass Problems


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Running Win7 x64 and have tried reinstalling the drivers. My problem may be hard to describe so bear with me. It seems as though the bass on the left ear (mic side) works like it should but there is practically no bass on the right side. As I said I tried reinstalling the drivers and messing with the settings with no luck. I can change the way the bass sounds but it still only works correctly on the left side. These things are brand new, had them for a day. Also had no luck searching the forums for a similar problem. Just listening to music you can definitely tell it is on sided and playing a game (DayZ) the bass from my footsteps, shots, etc are also one sided. I tried with all source types as well as having Dolby enabled. Other than this its what I expected coming from a HS1A.
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