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Carbide 540 Side Panel Scratch (and more)


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Hello, first of all let me say that I love this case. However, I was delivered a case with a scratch on the INSIDE of the side window, which wasn’t protected by a protective film. The scratch is approximately 10cm long and runs diagonally just below dead center of the window. It’s quite shallow and thick, which is why it was pretty much invisible before removing the protective film on the outside.


There were two more (admittedly minor) flaws with my case: The rear detachable fan grill shows some corrosion, and the detachable front grill’s plastic mold shows a “lip” on the horizontal bar featuring the corsair logo. It seems like there’s excess plastic there. Again, these are minor flaws and I wouldn’t have brought them up if it hadn’t been for that gruesome scratch on the window.


Any chance on getting a replacement for just the part(s) without returning the whole case to my retailer?


I’m trying to submit a ticket, which doesn’t seem possible for anything 540 at the moment. From reading in another thread, I presume that opening a ticket for a wrong part number and posting here is still the way to go?

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Yes, you can. Just use the link on the left to request an RMA for any case , then post your number here. It can be changed .


You might also consider calling them by phone. It would be the fastest easiest way to go about this since it is not in the RMA system as of yet.

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