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Hi, I recently bought a Corsair AX760i PSU. I installed that, including the USB dongle, associated software driver, and Corsair Link software, but the Link software just does not work on my system (Windows XP 64-bit).


The dongle device does appear to be OK in "Device Manager", listed under "Universal Serial Bus controllers" as "Corsair Link USB Dongle", running driver version, Corsair Memory, Inc.


When the Link software is run there are no devices present; all the windows are blank. There is no "Service" installed on the system that I can see (via system "Services", or in registry (HKU/HKLM) "Run"). Clicking to "Restart" the apparently non-existent service in "Options" does nothing.


Clicking to "Update Firmware" in Options > Devices results in an application crash:


EventType : clr20r3     P1 : corsairlink_bootloader.exe     P2 :     
P3 : 51940dd6     P4 : hidlibrary     P5 :     P6 : 5106a679     P7 : a
P8 : 73     P9 : system.exception


I've installed, uninstalled, and reinstalled versions 2.3.4816 and 2.4.4948 of the software, but both act exactly the same.


Setting the Link software to "Run at Windows startup" does nothing. It does not run after a restart - no Windows service or shortcut exists that I can see that would start it.


So, what's going on?

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OK, so I figured out how to get it going. I needed to manually execute "CorsairLINK_HardwareMonitor.exe" in the program folder for it to work. So I guess the installation process/standard shortcut execution has failed this basic task.


LOL at the resource usage though. CorsairLINK.exe currently using 194MB of RAM, 174MB VMEM...


I'll be honest, I didn't hold much hope for the software once I saw the installer design, the fact it lacked even the basic ability to allow a user to set installation location, or even have a functioning "Back" button.


But oh well, at least it's working now, and that's something. But of what use if it runs this poor? So I probably won't find much use for it. It's a shame it hasn't been coded better as it could have been useful, and interesting (e.g. as a basic background service with snmp support).


Options > Devices > "Update Firmware" still crashes out, though currently I'm not sure I would ever allow this software to attempt to flash my PSU... *shivers*


So, Corsair AXi PSU: Nice hardware, naff software. I can only hope it gets better.


Regards. :D:

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heh mine uses about 70-80mb of vram and 130mb memory (180-190mb commit)


But why? Are you aware of how many people still use Windows XP? Is it really that difficult...


ok...are you using xp because you need to use it for something?

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