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Corsair TX650 Boot Issues?


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Hi guys,


Recently i bought new tx650 as i will change the graphic card which need high power. On power up of the system, the PC doesnot POST at all. The onboard fans CPU/Case fans all function. No signal is delivered to the monitor. I switched the power supply with cooler master 460w that I know to be working and the system booted with no issues. I switched the power supply back again to this Corsair 650W and once again, the PC completely failed to boot.


I have since returned this part to the manufacturer and received a brand new replacement. This has the exact same issue, I know the PC is working because with the other PSU's it boots as normal, but with this Corsair nothing appears on screen at all, no beeps from the mobo, however again all Fans etc are running. :confused:


Could somebody please help me with this situation? Is it a compatibility issue with the motherboard Intel58SO, or otherwise? I've always been a big fan of corsair (The Case/RAM are both corsair) but this is beginning to really frustrate! :sigh!:



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