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H100i not working keep red logo & flashing!


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i have purchased the H100i hydro cooler.

but its not working when i stat the pc its turn into the red & keep blinking.

i tried so many times plug & unplug but its not working.


After sometime my pc shows me error" cpu temperature error!"

i don't no what to do please help guys


asus p8z77 vlx motherboard

core i7 3770k

h1001 cooler


please help:(::(::(::(::(:


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I have same Mobo And Same problem, My H80i was fine until yesterday, first the fans Stopped. Then on windows startup the Light goes off and my Fans power up & Down up & Down and windows make a connect-Disconnect sound, i look in device manager and its appearing then disconnecting constantly, i have tried uninstalling link2 and re-installing, i have tried a Mini USB into the Mobo, Nothing works i even tried the H80i unit on another PC in my House, same thing happens. USB Device Connects and disconnects,... Was working fine,until now, ive only had it 18 days
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