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H100i fans, also case fans.


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So I'm unsure weather its best for the fans on the pump to be grouped with the pump or the CPU. That's the first bit :P


Secondly, I've got 4 other fans attached to my case. I'm not entirely sure what they're hooked up to atm, but would it be possible for me to get them to work with corsairlink2?

Primarily the fan I have on the back of the cpu/mobo, it doesn't change speed with the temp of the cpu at all which is kind of bugging me.


Thanks :)



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Leave the H100i fans grouped to the H100i coolant temp.


You will need to Cooling Node to control fans via the CorsairLINK software.


I'm not sure about this but i think there are currently problems with getting Cooling Nodes detected when connected to the Integrated H100i LINK Digital port.


If the fans are plugged into the motherboard, see if you can control the fan speeds in the BIOS or by using the motherboard's software.

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