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Windows 8.1 (x64) H80i problems


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Thought I'd post my issues on this pleasant informed forum, hoping I can add some worthwhile input.


Well, i was sort of forced to use Windows 8.1, I had it installed on a partition and My Windows 7 decided to stop working in a bad way. I will however try to refrain from expressing my feelings on this operating system as, well, ugh, lets just leave it at that!!!! (deep breath!)


I have been slowly restoring drivers/apps as and when needed, and got to installing Corsair Link software so I can Monitor temps etc etc. I then noticed that the H80i was not showing up. I checked the Device Manager and could not find it. This led me to trying other USB Cables in different ports internally and externally. When unplugging and plugging into ports, The connection sounds where all normal, no errors came up. When switching ports the install window would appear and 'integrated USB Bridge' would be installed, window would then vanish. I could not find such device anywhere in the device Manager, but after extensive plugging/unplugging whilst scanning device manager, I discovered that the H80i was a 'USB Input Device'


I have not been able to change the driver as they don't seem to be available separate from the Link software and are not present in the install folder.


This of course could be related to Windows 8.1 or not. I am not sure how to proceed from this point, hence the post, and am willing to provide any info anyone would need to help investigate.


Some relevant info to add:


Everything is running fine in regards to cooling, fans are running at their usual rate, The Led on the block is green which is what it would normally be in Windows 7 (was set to change color to temp)


I have installed 2_3_4948 and 2.3.4816 versions, both with same results, firmware update is not possible (status: error loading firmware) However it does show H80i/H100i and Corsair Commander as device options!


Thanks for listening!

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I have the same issue - system only detects the H80i if/when I plug in the USB after the start up - to do so I have replaced the internal USB connection with a standard Mini-USB to USB cable to connect the H80i to standard external USB port. I doesnt work if I let the the USB connected during startup, but I have to plug it in after start up so that the system can detect it apparently...
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