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H100i cooler - USB disconnect sound / LED flashing


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I recently installed the H100i cooling system and I've had a couple of problems so far. I fixed it without much trouble and now the cooler is doing a great job keeping my system cool.


Although now I have another problem regarding the LED and/or usb cables.


It all started with random USB connect/disconnect sounds, which I ignored at first, but then it got more and more frequent. At first I thought it was my mouse or keyboard, but I kept hearing the USB-sound when I disconnected all devices. Note that I never got any messages about something connecting or disconnecting.


I opened up my case and noticed the Corsair LED on the cooler fading and blinking. Needless to say I realised who the troublemaker is.


I tried unplugging and reconnecting the USB that goes from the cooler into my motherboard, making sure the cable wasn't loose. But the sound did not disappear.


After a while the LED completely stopped and I did not hear the sound anymore, but it didn't take long until it started again.


I've been looking around the internet for a solution but all I can find is people who can't control anything in corsair link and/or their LED turning red and green.


So I came here, hoping that someone could give me advice on what to do.




NOTE: My cooler or fans will not stop when the LED is glitchy, the cooling keeps working perfectly.

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