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Corsair Vengeance 2000 - Cracked and USB Port Loose


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I recently put in a RMA ticket for the headset but after 2 days I have yet to receive any response from anyone in support.


I purchased the headset back in November 2012 from http://www.ebuyer.com and both sides of the extension rods are cracked and now recently I have been having problems charging the unit due to the port not working correctly. 3 days ago the port came unstuck from the headset unit, thus loosing connection completely.


Having read similar problems on this forum, I am very dissatisfied with the build quality and would like something done about this.


My ticket number is: 6076223

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I have this headset for less than 7 months. Both sides started to crack on the same spot. Now the left side cracked even more. Already sent in a request for replacement ticket #6061466. After reading some of the posts in the forum, I realized this is a common problem. I enjoyed the quality sound of this unit, now I'm just highly disappointed of the flawed design. Hopefully they will redesign this product because I would love to buy one as a gift for my bf. In the meantime, I'm just hoping to get my unit replace soon.:[pouts:



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Yeah that is pretty much the same thing that happened to mine. I would say the cracks were identical to mine.


Like you say I like the sound/microphone quality of the headset, but how these passed quality control without these build quality issues being found is beyond me!


The fact that I have yet to receive a reply from the support centre to my ticket and the lack of anyone answering these threads doesn't really help either.

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