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MX Cherry Blue/Brown with Red/White LED?


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The MX Cherry Blue and Brown choices that's coming out soon is a step in the right direction. My only problem with it is the blue LED. Ideally IMO, a black and red version of the K70 with blue or brown cherry switches would be amazing. The blue LEDs clash with my colors of my system. :(


Is corsair investigating other LED colors for black and blue switches?

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I'm sure it's not in Corsair's game-plan (or they would have started implementing something similar already) but I'd like to see them take a page out of CM's book, and offer semi-customisable keyboards.


Chassis: Black, Silver, Gun-metal

Switch: Red, Black, Brown, Blue, Green

LED: Red, Blue, Green, White


Would make for a (much) more expensive keyboard, but I'd pay it in a second.

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