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New H100i user confused about firmwares


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Hi all,


I am a bit confused with firmware upgrades, names of things and such,


I have this in my corsair link beta software, pic in attachment,


Hzdro usb is 2.0, h100i is firmware 1.05


When i click on upgrade firmware i get two devices, corsair commander and h100i/h80,


What is corsair commander?

I installed my h100i and connected my ax860i to it and then usb from h100i to mbo.


Now does anything here need updating actually, i got the corsair link installed, have some issues with hard drive temp constantly popping up into new group and old group showing 0c,


Is there any corsair commander sw I need to install, I see there is a higher version of corsair commander firmware...


Can you help a newb clear up this...

Thank you.


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