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Raptor H5 - Mic problems...


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Hello so I looked everywhere and yet there is no fix for this mic issues.


I have bought my headset today and wanted to talk to friends on skype and I just can't because its just horrible like the last complains made by almost everyone.


So can you please give us a fix and not a flipping request to get a RMA?


Can't you really just fix the issue? Also the software provided with it is just horrible and there is no instructions at all.


The software is also very old and outdated.


So can you PLEASE finally tell us how to fix this? I don't believe that company like Corsair would release a product that is so faulty? I have even seen that people who gotten a RMA replacement still had that issue.


Thank you.

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I have exactly the same problem and I have tried everything! I have installed the drivers, i have uninstalled them, i have used all my different usb ports, i have used the 3.5mm jacks, i have used it on Skype, on teamspeak and I have used it on two different computers and it still does the same thing. The Mic is stuffed. It sounds like you are in a tin and you can not talk to other people because they can barely hear you.


It is rather disappointing, because I thought Corsair is suppose to be a superior quality and now I am stuck with this. The headset is brand new. Havent even had it for more than three days! This is a major manufacturing problem and I have read it all over the internet! What must we do Corsair! Release a driver update, because you are getting many unsatisfied customers! Next time I will just try RaZor or Logitech!! :mad:

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