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Hello everyone,

I recently bought a corsair GS series PSU (may 2013) and it did work great until yesterday. The issue was simple, it was invariably making my house breaker to interrupt current !! Moreover it was returning power back to the whole house ( though in small quantity ), today the PSU is working again flawlessly. Anyone got an explanation for this ?


BTW : I requested an RMA but closed it due to the fact that the postage fees for sending and retrieval could get me a new PSU ( with little money added )

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  • Corsair Employees

I would suggest we get the PSU replaced with out question and you should not use it.

You can search for inexpensive way to ship something using http://www.google.com.

But if the breaker is blowing you may want to check that you have enough power available to run the computer and any other devices you have connected. The PSU will need about 5-7 Amps by it self at 110 Volts and 3-5 Amps at 220 Volts.

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