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What memory should I get for Dell Inspiron 5100?


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The current memory is:

2*256MB, 266MHz, CL2 SO-DIMM, 3.3V -modules


My questions is:

Is the:

Corsair VS512SDS266 Value Select 512Mb SO-DIMM PC2100/DDR266 200-pin 266MHz DDR modules compatible? I can't find any datasheets who tells me what CL and power it runs on.


If not, what module should I get?


PS. I ordered two 512MB modules...when I opened the box i found out, to my supprise, that the modules was 2.5V....I guess that it's not healthy for the modules to plug them in to my computer if the "memory power supply" is 3.3V? ^ question :)

btw...am I able to run CL2.5 memorys in my computer?


I appreciate all the answers I can get....and please excause my poor english.



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  • Corsair Employees

I am sorry I cannot find any technical info about this system on Dell's web site. But the spec for DDR is 2.5 Volts and to my knowledge Dell has not had any special memory or Notebook made just for them. In addition, as far as I know this note book maybe made by compal or Quanta and both would have used a standard JEDEC complaint spec for memory. But you might call Dell as ask them.

But I would try the system with just our modules installed and see if it's stable with http://www.memtest.org to be sure!

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I would have a look at Dell's site to see if they sell a 512mb stick for your MOBO. If they do, then my guess is that the Corsair will work just fine. Also, you need to locate the memory voltage on your MOBO. It may provide up to 3.3v but probably it is actually only giving 2.5v.


If you already have the RAM, I would place 1 stick of the new 512mb RAM in and just try it. If it boots and runs, you should be OK.


I found it:




You should be fine.



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Thanks for the answers guys!


I've got some more questions for ya':

I'm sure the MOBO provides 3.3V...or so the owner manual says...anyways...

Can I be sure that I don't break the 2.5V mem. module if I test it in my laptop?


btw...I'm not buying the mem. module from Dell...I'm in sweden and dell wants like $500 for it ...but if I surf via links at Dell.se (dell.com but in swedish) I can get a branded 512MB kingston module for $113... thats a big difference :bigeyes:


Maybe wrong forum for Kingston memorys so I will not mention them anymore..


So the question is, as above: Is it safe to try the 2.5V modules if the MOBO provides 3.3V?


Thanks in advance!



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