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VS512MB400 hangs during Windows Memory Diagnostic


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hi, I'm using a p4 3ghz EE o a msi 865 PE neo2 PLS bios ver 3.9. My ram module is a value select 512mb ddr. it's a newly assembled system and it reboots while editing video. I'm using a Matrox RT200. anyway, i did a windows memory diagnostics test and it always hangs at the beginning of -


'Stride6 (cache disabled)'

Pass: 1 Test 11 of 11.


there are no errors but i have to do manual reboot. default voltage at 2.6. increased to 2.7 and still hangs at the same place. my cas latency - 2.5 ras -3 ras to cas -3 precharge delay -8 burst -8 SPD enabled.


it also hangs during memtest. (i did't write down which stage tho...)


it also reboots while exiting Return to castle wolfenstein. gameplay is fine. what is the problem here? any ideas? help!!!!

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hi ram guy, i didn't get to test my RAM on another motherboard. however, i did reset CMOS and happened to update my win XP to service pack2. suddenly the reboots disappeared. i did a memtest and windows memory diagnostics for more than 2 hours and ZERO errors and no lock ups. Maybe it's the reset CMOS thinggie, or is it service pack2? i dunno, what do you think? it works fine now. thanks!
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