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Corsair h60 2013 giving me nightmares.


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Sorry for my bad English I'm Dutch know that I am trying my best, but could make mistakes sorry for that.


So for the first time ever I bought some parts of which a corsair cpu, corsair memory a corsair case (R200 or something) and a corsair cpu cooler!


As I know it's a good brand and I trust it. Props for you guys at Corsair, however the cooler I purchased later on to replace the stock cooler, is making a lot of noise! It runs at around 4800 rpm.


But it's just I can hear it trough the whole room. I once had a aquarium filter, and it sounds just like the pump of the filter. While in reviews I read that the fan makes more noise than the pump, I tried pulling out the fan connector when the pc was on. And nope, the noise did not change it's the pump that makes such a sound that I don't even hear the fans.


So what's it connected to?


The fan is connected to the cpu fan connector, and the pump is connecer to a slot called powr fan.


I don't know what to do I started a ticket two days ago but as of late no answer. Does anyone know how to solve this I don't know how to reduce the rpm and even if I did reduce rpm it is dangerous I read. I would just like my product to behave normals are there tips could something be wrong?

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Since you haven't received a reply, this I can tell you. After two days I think I have finally put together some proper information. This is for an Asus motherboard but I think this will help.

First your wire setup looks good. H60 pump is connected to any fan header. H60 fan is connected to CPU header.

Second since the pump is supposed to run at 100% (around 4400 rpm; mine is running at 4600 rpm), I went into my Asus software and then clicked on Fan Xpert. I double clicked on fan header graph for my pump and moved all the graph points up to 100%. This saved me from making changes in the BIOS.

Well, this is either clear as mud or helpful. I hope the latter.

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