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Neutron GTX 240GB bricked by toolbox


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Neutron GTX 240GB bricked by toolbox


1.x58 MB, i7 at stock speed

2.win7pro-64, fresh install with all updates

3.Corsair toolbox downloaded from:


4. toolbox suggested upgrade of firmware M306 to M310

5. system has UPS, and there was no interruption of power or any

other system activity.


7. depowered, unplugged sata & power cables to Corsair, waited

over one hour

8. reconnected, bios no longer sees Corsair.


Toolbox firmware update is defective. Your product has cost me

valuable time, does not function. The vendor will not allow cash

refund or exchange to a different brand, thus I'm trapped into

receiving another of your products through lengthy RMA.

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  • Corsair Employees
I am sorry that happened to you but there is no information to suggest it is defect in the update or with the utility; more than likely it just failed or the system crashed in the middle of the update; but that is a risk no matter what drive you use when updating the firmware . And you can request an RMA then select express RMA and that will speed up the process because the replacement will be sent out before you send the failing drive.
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I beg your pardon, but there is every reason to believe something

is wrong at Corsair. Information given was quite specific: fresh

win7pro-64, no other jobs running, UPS.


Are you implying win7 will simply BSOD for no reason at all? The

only job running was Corsair toolbox. Either it caused BSOD or

win7 did, all by itself. We both know that is most unlikely.

Corsair has a problem with toolbox. It bricked a brand new

Neutron GTX 240.


I would be most grateful if you could direct me to express RMA.


Will I still receive the rebate given to Newegg customers? They

were the vendor.


Thank you.

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  • Administrators

I may be mistaken, but I think this is the first report of a firmware update via the toolbox possibly bricking a drive. This is not enough data to claim that there's an issue with the toolbox. There are posts from people who said it worked just fine for them (not to mention our own internal tests where it passed).


Ram Guy was not implying that Windows 7 will randomly BSOD. I agree that it's unlikely that it randomly BSOD'd on a fresh install, but it's also unlikely that the toolbox was the source of the BSOD. There's not enough evidence at this point in time to determine the cause of the BSOD.



Please fill out an RMA request at http://corsair.force.com . After you've filled out the part number and problem description, the next screen will ask what type of RMA you'd like to do. One of the options is Express Replacement. If it's grayed out, please call in at http://www.corsair.com/us/company/contact/ (free call via skype if you're outside of the USA) and our customer service department can process the express replacement manually.

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First, thank you for the links to RMA, specifically to Express Replacement. Like everyone else, I don't like downtime. I will give these a try.


Second, will I received the vendor rebate? In all fairness, I believe I'm entitled to it.


Third, we disagree on what Ram Guy implied. He said:

'more than likely it just failed or the system crashed in the middle of the update'


If there is nothing but fresh win7 and toolbox running, a system with UPS, where else is the fault? I am not retained by Corsair to account for their deficiencies, I will merely say my hardware is of no less than premium quality. And that this is the first blue screen I've experienced since using Windows7, second day of release three ½ years ago.


A quick skim of your forum will find others who've had trouble with firmware update. Simply claiming I'm the very first to say toolbox will brick Neutron 240 GTX is not evidence that it does not happen and is specious. It happened. I am spending time valuable to me communicating with you. There is a single reason for that: because it happened. I have downtime. And downtime is bad for everyone.


Again, thank you for your attention.

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If there is nothing but fresh win7 and toolbox running, a system with UPS, where else is the fault?



Drivers and/or hardware issues.

The toolbox works better using Windows standard sata drivers

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  • Corsair Employees


I was not implying anything in what I stated there are just to many possibilities to make that assumption. The issue you have reported will be looked into on the back end but that does not solve the issue for you. So as Technobeard suggest I would proceed with the RMA directly with us and for the rebate please submit that ASAP we do not care about the Bar code on the package but the reseller will not take it back with out that bar code on the package.

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Ram Guy,


First: both you and Technobeard have been respectful, helpful and are a credit to the company you work for. If there was a way to say as much to your bosses, I would. Provide me with their addresses, I promise to do so.


Second: Corsair RMA is is deplorable, especially the 'express' option. Am I to provide credit information so that I might own two of your defective products instead of just this one? Does that sound like sane, reasonable practice to you? I will be blunt: to me it does not.


Moreover, I am asked for lot code, motherboard information, CPU information, and heaven knows what else. Just double checked the customer portal... there is no way to proceed without those data. As I stated in an earlier post, I am not retained by Corsair to account for it's deficiencies. Why must I work for Corsair, at no compensation, to dig out for them such information? My time is valuable to me. This is not a game. For me, computer use is work.


By comparison, I called the vendor by phone and was sent a UPS label for RMA by email within a matter of minutes. At no point was I expected to provide engineering details of my computer hardware. They asked no questions, simply sent the UPS label for RMA.


Quite frankly, I wish I'd bought brand ' I ' instead of Corsair. (not wishing to break forum rules). Yes, more expensive, but we all know, flatly, it would work perfectly.


Again, I respectfully thank you for you for your attention.

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Keep in mind that ANY device with a firmware can fail during a flash. This includes MOBOs, GPUs, smart TVs, car stereo head units, etc etc. This is a risk anytime you choose to update it.


In this case, we are going to replace the drive for you. If you don't want to provide the extraneous info that was requested, then don't do it. Our advanced replacement is consistent with the industry and keep in mind that many companies don't even offer it. If you don't like how it works, don't use it.


Honestly, I can't see what the ongoing issue is.

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1. Thank you, but I'm well aware of risk when doing firmware upgrade. In decades of experience, going back to heavy iron, this is the first failure. The first.


2. If you take the time to re-read my above post, you will see that I tried twice to avoid entry of that you call 'extraneous info'. The page would not allow me to proceed, at least on my end.


3. The ongoing issue is my system is down and I'm not happy about that.


4. You have the last word, if you wish to. I'm finished here.

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