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Asus P4P800 with VS1GB400C3


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I've recently replaced all memory on my rather old P4P800 motherboard, due to a couple of BSODs and a failed Memtest86+ session. Thinking that would cure the problem, it only got worse. Now the system will randomly fail the BIOS POST memory test.


I've both run the system with default BIOS memory settings enabled, and I've also manually set the Cas-latency/Ras-delay/Ras-precharge/Command-rate settings to match the module's specifications (3-3-3-8). So far, I'm not getting anywhere and I'm starting to think I'm dealing with a deceased motherboard.


Any insights on how to resolve this would be hugely appreciated, as it's going to be very tough to get a new replacement mobo where I live. I've already purchased 4 new DIMMs, a SATA HDD controller (my drive was most likely damaged due to the BSODs) and a new HDD and I'm very short on cash.


Thank you.

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