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AX1200i + H100i + Dominator Platinum - What else do I need?


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I'm interested in playing around with Corsair Link and have a parts list below with what I've got either here already or in transit. I'm wondering what extra parts I'm going to need:


Corsair Air 540

Corsair AX1200i

Asus Maximus VI Extreme

i7 4770k

Corsair H100i

2 pack of Corsair SP120 Performance PWM fans

Corsair Dominator Platinum 32GB 1866

3 x eVGA SC 780 GTX

Sound Blaster XFi Titanium HD

Samsung 840 Pro 256GB



Does it simply make sense for me to buy the cooling and lighting kit?


I don't think I'd actually want to buy the fan contraption for the ram but are the link connectors on the sticks of ram useless without it?


If I don't get the cooling kit, is the Asus Fan Xpert going to interfere with Corsair Link? I'd want to be running something to control the fans.



Thanks for any help/feedback anyone wants to provide.

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It totally up to you. If you want to buy the LINK kit you can if not, you don't have to.


The current software does not detect the CPU temperature as the 4th Generation CPUs are new.


You'll need the Airflow pro and the LINK cable kit (for the Airflow PRO cable to LINK Commander) for the RAM. I'd say it's not needed unless you want to see the Average temperature and activity (i think its only those two).

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