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AX860i + H100i + Link Software NOT detecting hardware correctly


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Just got the new AX860i and the H100i cooling solution.


I plugged everything in following the instruction manual.


H100i USB to Motherboard USB header.


AX860i commuincation cable connected to H100i pump.


Installed and ran LINK.


However!! LINK is saying I have a AX760i instead of AX860i.


Everything else seems to be normal.


I enquired at corsair and they gave me a RMA!! I just got that 4 days ago!


Suggestions pls.


CPU: i7 4770k

MB: Asus z87 deluex

RAM:16GB GSKILL trident X 2400

SDD: OCZ vertex 3

GPU: Gigabyte GTX580

Windows 8 64bit

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The RMA system is automated ...ignore that part. There is no need to change your PSU.


At any rate it's just a software bug that has been reported before. I believe they are working on that for the next SW release and it won't have any effect on the operation of the unit.

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